Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Letter to Myself (10 years later)

Dear Me,

Do people still call you a bitch? Good. Keeps you humble. I hope you are successful in whatever way that means for you. I hope you're not working retail anymore (if you are, then you are most definitely a bitch by now).

I hope you have moved on from that one boy. God I hope you moved on.

Have you written those books yet? If not, I'm disappointed in you. If you have, FINALLY.

I hope you have met someone who makes you happy. I hope he adores you. I hope you adore him too.

And if you end up alone, then you end up alone. Adopt a bunch of cats, you'll survive.

People always leave anyways.

Are you still afraid of things? Stop that. You can't live like that anymore.

I hope you get up earlier than 10am. I'm still having trouble with that. If you still are, then stop it. You're wasting a whole lot of your days, and you only get so many.

Don't be so hard on yourself. A lot of this outside shit doesn't matter, and I hope you have figured that out by now.

Is your hair still short? If not, then I know you want to cut it by now. Just do it bro.

Not much to say except that I hope you are out of the town and moving on. As you know, feeling stuck is an absolutely terrible and hopeless feeling. I hope you are not stuck anymore. I hope you are free.

Kick ass and take names. Life's too short not to.

Mom says Hi.

-Rachel (Yourself) (You know that) (Bye)

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  1. My favorite bit of advice: "And if you end up alone, then you end up alone. Adopt a bunch of cats, you'll survive."